AEC Security has been in the security market since 1996 and are security specialists in Dunedin who know their stuff. Whether you’re after the best home security camera on the market, wireless security cameras for your business, infrared outdoor cameras, face-scanning technology or vehicle registration recognition software, AEC Security can help.

Security cameras in Dunedin

From a base in Dunedin, AEC Security installs, monitors and services security cameras throughout the Dunedin area including Mosgiel and parts of Central Otago. Notably Cromwell, Alexandra and Roxburgh.

CCTV cameras

With the changing work environments and more private homeowners opening their homes to strangers through the likes of Air B&B, CCTV is becoming important in managing and protecting you, your staff and maintaining your property. Whether hidden or visual cameras, CCTV can be crucial in supplying information if anything unwanted does occur. While visually apparent cameras and alarm systems can be a strong deterrent in themselves.

Wireless security cameras

AEC Security can install wireless security cameras indoors and outdoors, including hidden cameras. CCTV cameras can also be managed from a handy app on smartphones and can have a wide range of features. Some wireless security camera systems can integrate with a wide range of alarm systems, keypads or other features, just talk to AEC Security about the options available for your home or business. 

Home security cameras

An example of a residential home security solution is you could have camera and alarm system at your front door, someone tries to break-in, and the camera automatically takes a still photo, while the alarm automatically alerts you on your phone. Outdoor cameras can allow out-of-town homeowners to keep track of those coming and going and have a recording of any property removed or unwanted guests. 

Security cameras for your business

Manage your business remotely. For example, you could be managing a dairy farm at a distance, camera technology could automatically count staff and stock numbers, along with recording any movement for health and safety purposes. Security cameras can now utilise infrared technology, face scanning and number plate scanning to help with the health and safety of your staff and business. Other commercial applications include till operation, motion sensor technology and cameras at entrance points or connected to staff key systems, lifts or other entrance points to the business. With remote access to CCTV, you now have the option to link to your business off-site from anywhere in the world.

CCTV brands AEC Security uses and recommends:


Uniview has a complete IP video surveillance product line including IP cameras, NVR, encoder, decoder, storage, client software and an app. Uniview is the third-largest player in video surveillance in China and one of the biggest providers of video surveillance technology in the world.


TVT has been creating security products for over ten years. TVT has an integrated product line including HD IP camera, HD coaxial camera, HD NVR, HD and DVR. TVT also has face recognition technology. Their video security products and solutions are widely applied to industries including city security, transportation, real estate, the education sector, and commercial enterprises.

Talk to us about your CCTV needs

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